matt's failure resume

What is this?

This is a failure resume. It's a list of the things that I feel comprise my biggest personal failures: primarily my work, school, and recruiting, but also a potpourri of other things too.

I was particularly motivated to make this after conversations with many of my peers at UCLA. Just like Instagram, LinkedIn and GitHub showcase fake personas: someone with infinite successes, and no failures. This is one component of the looming spectre of impostor syndrome. So, I decided to be transparent with my own failures - not necessarily a fun experience, but to me, a necessary one.

I'll also note that these things are failures to me. It's purely subjective, and I recognize that I'm extremely priviliged to have some of these opportunities.

Many thanks to Kat Huang's Failure Resume for the inspiration - I would strongly recommend you read her thoughts on it!





2018 - (start of) UCLA

2018 - (end of) High School