Hey there!

My name is Matthew Wang

But you can call me Matt.

I work on unscrambling your problems.

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Who's Matt?

That's me! I'm currently studying the arcane art of computer science at UCLA. I working with computers - making websites, apps, frameworks, backends, designing semi-cool things, and occasionally sneaking in some video games.

I have a few other loves too! I enjoy working with kids, especially through teaching science and technology. I'm a huge politics and economics junkie - you don't want to get me started! And, I love writing about social issues, current affairs, and music, - though I'm no professional!

In my spare time, I do some blogging, listen to music, and read.

And come up with mediocre puns.

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My Projects & Work

I occasionally do things. Here are the big ones.

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I have some smaller projects too! They're still pretty cool, and you should check them out!

But only if you want to, I don't want to force you.

You can also find fragments of code and defunct projects on my GitHub profile.

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I wrote all the code for this website (sans fonts), including the CSS framework! Check it out on GitHub.


I am sometimes good at things.

Full Stack Development

I know my way around web development and a big chunk of its massive ecosystem (Node, React, Angular, Ionic/Cordova, Electron, jQuery, Jekyll, SASS), and I can comfortably code in Java, Python (Django), C++, PHP, and Ruby. I'm familiar with SQL, mySQL, phpmyadmin, and Firebase, I've managed several webservers (Nginx and Apache), and am comfortable with the command line. And, of course, I using git/GitHub.

Graphic Design and Layout

Making things pretty is pretty cool: I mainly focus on digital design, event materials, and print publications, though I have experience with organizational branding, marketing materials, UI/UX design, laser cutting and product prototyping. I've worked with large-scale events, student organisations, publications, and companies. I try to make things look pretty with Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.


I'm passionate about education, and what I do shows it. Right now, I volunteer with BEAM at UCLA to teach STEM to underserved elementary kids in LA/ I've spent hundreds of hours teaching in peer-tutoring programs, and I started a few educational programs in high school: creating curriculums, organising instructors, and teaching students 4-week courses on Computer Science and Robotics. I set up a brand new robotics camp at UCC Summer Camps, creating a new curriculum, doing hiring, and managing a large budget + inventory.

Want a more formal, detailed breakdown? Check out my résumé, or send me an email.

Instant Fact

My most well-known skill is making killer instant noodles. My secret is to just follow the instructions on the box.


I work with people, companies, and things. I like to think that I helped out, at least a bit.


UCC Robotics Summer Camp Director (2018)

At UCC Summer Camps, I kickstarted the brand-new robotics program. As the director of the program, I designed a weekly curriculum focused on VEX Robotics and RobotC, procured all the inventory and managed our budget, and hired and led a team of six counsellors over the summer to teach 200 kids.

AudioNotch Software Development Intern (2017)

At AudioNotch, I spearheaded the development of a mobile app that helped people with tinnitus: built on top of Angular + Ionic/Cordova, it featured an authentication flow, multi-page navigation, downloading audio files from a server and playing them, and in-app purchases. I built an accompanying Django API endpoint, and also managed the app's distribution on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. In addition, I redesigned the company's Django-based website and WordPress blog, as well as refactored their JS WebAudio API-based web app, and used Google Analytics + Google Optimize for A/B testing.

Debate Camp Canada Counsellor (2017)

At Debate Camp Canada, I taught lessons on public speaking and debate to over 300 kids throughout spring break and the summer.


BEAM (2018-*)

As a member of BEAM @ UCLA, I run weekly STEM workshops with underserved kids in the LA area, and come up with new lessons and curriculum throughout the school year.

Horizons Robotics & Computer Science (2014-2018)

As the program director of Horizons Robotics, I developed and taught a 4-week curriculum (using mBots, Scratch, and Makey-Makeys) taught to 100+ underserved middle-school students in Toronto. I also procured inventory and trained student instructors. Similarly, as the program director and founder of Horizons Computer Science, I designed a 4-week curriculum (centred on Scratch), procured inventory and trained instructors, and led classes.

High School Extracurriculars

It was fun white it lasted!

Need a reference, or want to see more of my work? Shoot me an email!

Not So Fun Fact

I was also a Hydration Specialist and Seating Apparatus Thermal Engineer (read: water boy and benchwarmer) for my high school football team, before I got a concussion in non-contact football.


Most of the time, I don't win things. Sometimes though, I do. I'm as surprised as you are.

Technically True Fun Fact

Not to brag, but I also have 3 participation ribbons from houseleague hockey, am a previous record holder of "World's Youngest Person", and I was TIME Magazine's Person of the Year in 2006. Plus, I'm the second coolest Matthew Wang I know.

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