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My name is Matthew Wang

But you can call me Matt.

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Who's Matt?

That's me! I'm a student of the arcane art of computer science at UCLA, double-majoring in the slightly-less-arcane art of math-economics.

Simply put, I have two passions - computers and helping people - and ideally, I'd like to use computers to empower people.

In the realm of computers, I making things with software (websites, apps, backends, servers, embedded systems, open-source software), and am generally fascinated by computers.

My favourite way to help people is through education and outreach; STEM & computer science are my bread and butter, and I mostly like working with kids. More broadly, I like doing things that make a direct impact in people's lives.

In my spare time, I like to read (usually about economics and political philosophy), listen to music, and write a bad blog.

And come up with mediocre puns.

Pun Fact

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My Projects & Work

I occasionally do things with computers. Here are the big ones.

GitHub Repository Website Visual Work Mobile App Desktop App

I have some smaller projects too! They're still pretty cool, and you should check them out!

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And things I did in high school...

You can also find fragments of code and defunct projects on my GitHub profile.

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I wrote the CSS framework on this website! Check it out on GitHub.


I am sometimes good at things. Usually involves computers.

Software Engineering

Relevant skills:

I love writing code, but moreover I take it very seriously. Specifically, I care a lot about writing extensible and maintainable code. Part of that comes from a solid understanding of programming languages and design paradigms (which I think I'm at least alright at 😉). Part of that comes from practicing software engineering skills: I check GitHub more than Instagram, and I make it a point to document as much of what I do as possible. I've been lucky to have many opportunities to collaborate with others, especially in the open-source community, to continually improve my code.

Full Stack Development

Relevant skills:

I know my way around web development and a big chunk of its massive ecosystem. I prefer minimal frontends and code so the user and developer aren't overwhelmed. Even though I'm proficient in many of the new trendy Javascript frameworks, I'm willing to stand by vanilla JS: MV* frameworks aren't always needed! I'm a strong believer that servers are built on battle-tested and reliable code: I try to not reinvent the wheel, and think that the best way to spend backend time is to pick the right design pattern and library.

Education & Outreach

I'm passionate about education and outreach, and what I do shows it. At UCLA, I'm heavily involved in two clubs: BEAM, which focuses on teaching STEM to underserved elementary kids in LA; and ACM Teach LA, to empower students with the wonders of computer science. At the UCLA MakerSpace, I place a big emphasis on demystifying scary machines and teaching people how to make awesome things. In high school I started a couple of educational programs aimed at bringing computer science and robotics to underprivileged students in Toronto.

Want a more formal, detailed breakdown? Check out my résumé, or send me an email.

Instant Fact

My most well-known skill is making killer instant noodles. My secret is to just follow the instructions on the box.


I work with people, companies, and things. Usually, I end up being helpful.

Booz Allen Hamilton (2019)

Software Development Intern (Summer Games)

At Booz Allen, I wrote software to hack into boats. You should check the above blurb for more information, or get in touch with me if you want to talk!

UCLA MakerSpace (2019-*)

Lead Technician

At UCLA's MakerSpace, I help other students create awesome things using laser cutters, 3D printers, microcontrollers, and wood working machines, among other things. In addition to supervising the space and helping people who come in, I also teach classes and maintain the equipment. I also do some administrative things as a lead technician, including expanding the space as a place for sales and services.

ACM Teach LA (2018-*)

Project Director, Developer

ACM Teach LA is a nonprofit organization that teaches computer science to underserved students in the Greater Los Angeles area. I'm involved in two major different way. First, I lead the dev team, where we create an online IDE that allow our students to develop, run, and save code online; the project is developed with a Node-heavy ecosystem of React, Redux, Express, and Firebase. You can read this absurdly long list for more info, or check us out for more information!

I also occasionally blab about machine learning and AI to North Hollywood High School, and help with the club's curriculum development and day-to-day operations.

AudioNotch (2017)

Software Development Intern

At AudioNotch, I spearheaded the development of a mobile app that helped people with tinnitus. You can read my previous ramble for more information!


BEAM (2018-*)

Building Engineers and Mentors (BEAM) is a science outreach club devoted to promoting science and engineering to underserved kids in the LA area. As a member, I run weekly STEM workshops and develop lessons and curriculum throughout the school year.

Horizons Robotics & Computer Science (2014-2018)

As the program director of Horizons Robotics, I developed and taught a 4-week curriculum (using mBots, Scratch, and Makey-Makeys) taught to 100+ underserved middle-school students in Toronto. I also procured inventory and trained student instructors. Similarly, as the program director and founder of Horizons Computer Science, I designed a 4-week curriculum (centred on Scratch), procured inventory and trained instructors, and led classes.

Need a reference, or want to see more of my work? Shoot me an email!

Not So Fun Fact

I was also a Hydration Specialist and Seating Apparatus Thermal Engineer (read: water boy and benchwarmer) for my high school football team, before I got a concussion in non-contact football.


Most of the time, I don't win things. Sometimes though, I do. I'm as surprised as you are.

Technically True Fun Fact

Not to brag, but I also have 3 participation ribbons from houseleague hockey, am a previous record holder of "World's Youngest Person", and I was TIME Magazine's Person of the Year in 2006. Plus, I'm the second coolest Matthew Wang I know.

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